Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A1 Vox Blog - Week 1

Welcome one and all to the very first A1 VOX Blog!

Join us as we expose the sights and more importantly, the sounds, of the ever changing and varied life at Vox Towers.

Being on the fourth floor of a steep old building in Soho causes an everyday sporting challenge for both the gang here and our guests alike. Most people have a giggle at the Management’s strategically placed Shaun the Sheep who politely requests ‘no bleating about the stairs’.

But screen legend Honor Blackman wasn’t to be schmoozed by our cardboard sheep.
The last time she paid us a visit she turned Shaun around, adopted her trademark drawl and said ‘I don’t think so’.
With this in mind, when Honor came back to our studios last week we decided to remove Sean temporarily, and send him to graze in other pastures, thus avoiding another Honor v Shaun stand off. This seemed to do the trick. And Honor didn’t disappoint in the glamour stakes either, sporting some very sparkly silver shoes that would have made Pussy Galore squeal with delight!

Coming to a cinema near you....................Mr Andy Stanson.

Well not exactly in his own blockbuster but if you are planning on taking the little ones to any of the kids’ movies this summer then you may hear the vocal talent of Andy as the one and only Pom Bear. Recorded via ISDN from A1 VOX, not only does Andy play the loveable cartoon crisp but all three characters on the advert........Summer 2010 – you have been warned!

Following on from our in-house voice team success is none other than our own Eleanor Howell. Ellie has been understudying Kim Cattrall in ‘Private Lives’ and took to the stage in a special understudy performance at The Vaudeville Theatre in London’s West End. Lots of the A1 VOX crowd turned out to support her and gave glowing reports of her turn as Amanda – well done Ellie!

And last but not least Mr Stephen Critchlow’s run in The 39 Steps at the Criterion has now come to an end. Hitchcock’s classic 1935 thriller has been re-jigged for the stage and is a rollicking and breathless adventure.

Stephen or ‘Critch’ as he is lovingly called at A1 played approximately 40 different characters in 100 minutes tirelessly switching (and shamelessly hamming) between roles in a flurry of costumes and accents. The show and Stephen himself have gained rave reviews on his run and he can now take a much deserved break. Great Stuff old chap.

Chris our chief studio engineer had a disturbing film teaser to record last week with British actor Matthew Marsh promoting his new film ‘Of Flesh and Blood'. As you can probably tell from the title the genre is definitely not a rom com! This gruesome tale is said to be based on a true story and tells of a butler who turns psycho and serves up something a lot more sinister than leek and potato soup. Good luck with the film guys.

Moving now to our very own voice guru Mr Charles Nove. Charles has recently been producing three radio adverts for this years Truckfest. Truckfest was created 28 years ago and the event’s popularity is dictated by the hauliers who attend the event. However, Truckfest isn’t just for those in the road haulage industry, the show is packed with fun things for all the family, and this year is no different with Stars from TV and Stage including Corrie pint puller Kym Marsh and the hip swivelling Ricky Whittle from this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Charles will be joined in the booth by Mark Straker and Charlie Norfolk and because we adhere and understand the rule never to work with animals and children we will be recording two professional youngsters from our favourite agency for Child Voice-Overs, Kidztalk, via ISDN!

Next week we will be opening the doors of A1 to the Ab Fab Joanna Lumley.

An eagerly awaited return visit to our studio by this A-list talent and, of course the risk of sending the temperatures of some of our in house lads soaring. Easy, Tigers. By the way there is no truth in the rumour that Joanna was the original inspiration for the famous Studio A 'Bathing Beauty' visible here atop the loud speaker.

Local Soho News:
This is for all you producers out there that call in and assume that because of our placement in Soho us A1 VOXites go out for fancy dinners and only eat Sushi at lunch time. The actual and very unglamorous truth is that most of us bring in our lunches and re-heat last night’s dinner due to the exorbitant prices of Soho fodder.

The exception it seems is when the sun finally made an appearance last week and a few of our team tried out the ice cream at newly opened ‘Amorino’ on Old Compton Street. Using top quality ingredients including organic eggs, full fat milk and no artificial colouring and preservatives this first British branch (which has 30 outlets in Paris already) has to be tasted to be believed - and that my friends is a top tip from us fancy pants Soho peeps.

So that is the round up of news in short for recent action at Old Compton Street. Check in with us next week to find out if poor Shaun the Sheep receives any further celeb bashing or to see if any of our boys have had restraining orders put on them from the Lumley camp.

Till then...................................................