Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chilly Warblings from A1

Last week was a busy old week at A1 VOX and I am happy to report that this week has also seen the studio jam packed, and full of vocal activity too!

Actor Hugo Speer joined us for his regular spot for tabloid TV ads. After his session he was off to the Groucho Club to meet a friend – oh so Soho! He said we would be welcome to join him – unfortunately there was the small obstacle of a studio to run so we couldn’t partake in Groucho afternoon delights…mores the pity!

We also had actress Kate Hardie in. She was never in doubt as to the life she wanted to lead. At the tender age of fourteen she secured her first film role in Runners, but only told her parents once she had actually got the part. Savvy young lady.

In fact one of the parents in question is none other than comedian turned naturalist Bill Oddie. Kate garnered her stage name from both parents (Jean Hart and Oddie = Hardie). Make sense?

The A1 team has also been hard at work. Charlie Norfolk, Felicity Duncan and Andrew Loudon all took part in a session for Vodaphone, whilst Mark Straker and Felicity dug deep to find their cartoon character voices for another booking.

Phil Tufnell and John Sergeant made appearances for their usual The One Show Comm Records, with Phil sporting a rather fetching tuxedo. Nice of you to dress up for us Phil.

Elsewhere our team have been gadding about the UK doing this and that.

One such, A1 Man-with –a –Voice-On-The-Move, Mr Charles Nove, has been continuing his regular weekend air slot on BBC Oxford but went back in radio time to join forces with Sir Terry Wogan and Alan Dedicoat, for the TOGs annual convention.

The event was held at the University of Leicester and sees the TOGs gather in support and celebration of their highly successful Children in Need charity fund raising activities.

The ‘Togmeister’ himself paid a visit to the University for a very different reason in 2010 when he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. Saying:

‘I would have liked to have been a student here – it looks like a really nice campus. I am deeply honoured to have been offered an Honorary Doctor of Laws. I will, of course, now demand a certain amount of respect’.

Well it sure looks like Charles and Sir Terry were enjoying themselves at this particular event, and why not – the event is supposed to be a celebration of all the marvellous work the TOGs achieve during the year and just goes to show that you can do good in this world whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

Nick Chambers has also been busy away from A1.

Last weekend saw him starring in the world premiere of The Incredible Dr Guttman.

Determined producer Karen Simpson risked everything to tell the true story of how Guttman created the Paralympics whilst working at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

‘I knew it would be a fascinating story. A lot of people at the early stages didn’t know who I was talking about. But I felt it was worth talking about. I kept beavering away’.

Indeed she did as the project was shelved 3 years ago by the Oxfordshire Theatre Company because of arts cuts, however, Karen finally got the money in April thanks to the support of Aylesbury Vale District Council, Bucks County Council and Arts Council.

‘The play opens some of the echoes of the past and it give s a full picture of Guttman, what drove him, and why he was so driven’ Karen says.

The play charts Guttman’s life as a Jewish refugee, as a doctor who once operated on a senior member of the Nazi party, and his efforts to stop Jews being murdered during Kristallnacht.

‘These experiences explain why he was prepared to fight the establishment’ Karen continues.

So to our very own Nicholas Chambers– what does he make of this multi diemsional character he is playing?

‘Everybody has a different view of him. The people that worked with him say he was a tyrant, but the patients loved him and the most important thing to me is to get both sides across.

Not to play him as a good guy or a bad guy. Trying to capture his personality, he was a tour-de-force, an eccentric personality who spoke his mind’.

Well it sure seems Nick has done his homework and though he is one of ours I have to say, hand on heart, that he is a truly amazing talent and we wish him all the best for a successful tour.

If you would like to support Nick then please visit www.karensimpsonproductions.co.uk for more details.

And last but by no means we have A1 VOX’s birthday boy – Mr Trevor Nichols! 39 again – but who’s counting. As a special birthday tribute to our dear uncle Trev I have added the below link so you can all watch him in his new TV ad….which funnily enough is promoting….TV advertising!


Doesn’t he look dapper.

Guerillascope is encouraging people to consider using TV advertising to promote businesses. So if you would like to find out about the cost of advertising on TV, or the targeted opportunities available to your business, give them a call.


and remember where to come if you need voice talent or audio recordings for said advert! Shameless plug but hey…we are all in it to win it! TOP DRAWER performance Trevor and Happy belated Birthday.

So that concludes business for this week. Wish us luck as the Green Room enters Phase 1 of ‘revamp-gate’ and we will be back next week to bring vocal cheer to the masses.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Vocal Building

There are exciting times afoot at A1 VOX as the next stage of our refurb looms on the horizon.

The Green Room is getting a make over!!!!!!

Tommy Walsh was in today so we asked him for some building tips – unfortunately he is busy for the next few weeks otherwise he would gladly have come back in and lent a hand – nice fellow.

He recorded his session and afterwards Chris provided liquid refreshments to all in the Green Room.  Naturally he offered Tommy a brew, which he duly accepted. An hour later he was still chatting merrily away and when offered a second cuppa he said 'don't mind if I do' and settled in for another chat.

You see us folk at A1 aren’t just here for your session, but here for as long as you fancy hanging around. We enjoy the banter, and so it seems does Tommy Walsh. Shame he couldn’t make a start on the building work whilst chewing the vocal cud, but we will let him off.

So in a month’s time we will be welcoming all clients and guest vocalists into our newly decorated room. It will make the climb to the top of Vox Towers even sweeter.

Once we are moved, and grooved, I will post some photos so you can all have a quick squizz at the new pad.

Whilst I have been chatting to friendly builder types, Chris has been getting on with studio business.

This week we welcomed Fly on the Wall theatre group to A1 VOX. They needed vocals laid over pre-recorded tracks that would be featured in their staged version of Bram Stoker’s chilling classic, Dracula. Chris set about finding the right sound effects to go with the Halloween theme production.

So if anyone happened to pass 20 Old Compton Street last week and heard steam train noises, and ghoulish screams it wasn’t me having a mare over the accounts but Chris tinkering away in Studio A.

If you want to check out Chris’ handy work, and get in the Halloween spirit of things, then dig out your best black cloak, don your feistiest fangs, and get yourself to the famous St Giles In The Fields Church – Soho between 31st October - 3rd November. Tickets can be purchased from www.ticketweb.co.uk

On the celeb front we had the great pleasure of meeting Julie Walters!!!!!

I am a huge Walters fan and think she is a bona fide talent with an infectious spirit and self-deprecating sense of humour. I dig her, and have to say I was a little awe struck on meeting her.

She was extremely nice and when I presented her with her very own bottle of water for the session, she seemed bowled over. It’s the little things don’t you know.

She was also happy to pose for a photo.

Julie made her London stage debut in the comedy Funny Peculiar in 1975. She befriended aspiring writer/comedienne Victoria Wood and a couple of their works, Talent and Nearly a Happy Ending, transferred to TV accompanied by rave reviews. Eventually they were handed their own series Wood and Walters.

In 1980 Julie scored a huge solo success in Willy Russell’s Educating Rita. She conquered film too when Educating Rita moved to the movie screen and she starred opposite Michael Caine.

Following her success as Rita she rolled out sterling performances in Personal Service, Buster, Stepping Out and Prick Up Your Ears. However the role for which she has most recently become synonymous was playing the abrasively stern, yet encouraging dance teacher in Billy Elliot.

Since that role, and second Oscar nod, she went on to play quirky character parts on Calendar Girls and the Harry Potter series.

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman yet the reverse was true in Julie’s case.

A former boyfriend noticed her acting ability and encouraged her to pursue a thespian career. He later proposed marriage to her but she turned him down, having finally discovered her vocation in life and realising that marriage at that point would have held her back. Poor chap! Should have kept his mouth shut.

One of my favourite Julie Quotes is ‘I don’t like the future sewn up. I like an open book – the feeling that anything can happen’.

You get the feeling that with this particular lady anything still can... and will.


Two tit bits of news for you this week.

The light that is Eleanor Howell has been missing from A1 VOX of late as she has taken off to Wales with her husband. Before you all get indignant that Mr Meo, (the cheeky whelp), has kidnapped our Ellie and taken her back to his motherland, fear not - she has in fact gone of her own free will.

The newly weds are both treading the boards together at Clwyd Theatr, Wales in Terry Hands’ production of Boeing Boeing.

“Fiancees! You have all the advantages of married life with none of the drawbacks. Fiancees are much more friendly than wives. And you don’t need all that many. I do very well with three”

Bernard is a successful architect with three fiancées who know nothing of each other. All are air stewardesses flying different routes for different airlines on different schedules.

But when the schedules change – unexpectedly…..

If you fancy catching our El in this comedic tour de force it will be running from 11th October – 10th November. T. 0845 330 3565 E. box-office@clwyd-theatr-cymru.co.uk

Go on..... get yourselves to Mold – Tidy!

We recently brought you news of The 39 Steps West End Eurovision entry and their promotional video with an Olympic twist, all in aid of The Make a Difference Trust.

Well they are at again!

This time Stephen Cricthlow, along with two of his other sporting fellow thespians, have dared to bare!!!!!!

Yes folks if you want to see our Critch in all his erm..glory!…then you will need to purchase the A3 full-colour calendar featuring exclusive images of 12 Top West End Shows in the literal flesh.

But if you simply can't wait to get your dose of high end/west end, soft porn, then you are in for a treat as I have managed to get my hands (not in the literal sense I hasten to add) on Critch and his 39 steps pals.

Each month has been photographed by a specially selected photographer and include: Top Hat, 39 Steps, Chariots of Fire, Ghost, The Mousetrap, Les Miserables, Cabaret, Singin’ in the Rain, Mamma Mia, Wicked, We will Rock You and Rock of Ages.

See your favourite shows as you’ve never seen them before.


That’s all for now my candid followers. Till next week keep it tantalisingly tongue tastic. Ta-Ra.