Friday, 27 May 2011

What do a rabbit, Felicity Duncan, Tracy Wiles and Joan Walker have in common?

They all appear in this week’s A1 VOX blog is the answer!

It has been a busy few weeks with lots of people in and out of the studio.

Dervla Kirwan popped in to say a quick how’s ya father, looking as radiant as ever and speaking with her trademark chocolate voice. Johnny Ball made the hop and leap up the stairs and Brian Blessed made a most welcome return appearance.

However in this week’s blog I am mainly focusing on GIRL POWER!

That’s right – it will be the ladies of A1 VOX that are getting all the attention.

First up Felicity Duncan appeared as not one....not two...but nine different characters in a radio play that took place on the 20th May.

Written by David Morley and directed by Dirk Maggs for Perfectly Normal Productions, "The Death of Tom Inglis" was re-created for BBC Radio 4 starring Lesley Manville and Phil Daniels.

When 22 year old Tom Inglis falls out of the back of a moving ambulance and suffers terrible head injuries he is brain damaged and unable to communicate. His family struggle to cope with his disablement, and his mother believes he is in constant pain. Set against the doctors, she becomes increasingly desperate to relieve his suffering. She begins a journey that leads her to action no mother would ever want to contemplate.

Gritty stuff people!

Next up taking centre stage, or should I say, screen and TV, is Miss Tracy Wiles.

Tracy has just completed filming for DUH duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.....Eastenders!

She will playing Catherine Kane, Ronnie Branning’s lawyer in the controversial baby swap storyline that will climax this month.

Viewers complained in their thousands when the troubled character, played by Samantha Womack, snatched Kat Moon’s newborn son when her own baby died.

According to The Sun, the 38-year-old actress brought filming to a halt during the scenes as she was so upset, and also "made it clear" to bosses that she thought the plot was wrong.

An EastEnders spokesman said: "The current storyline allows an exit for Ronnie Branning.

"Samantha Womack has been a major part of the shows success in recent years and she will continue to work with us until her departure later this year."

BBC Drama controller John Yorke said Womack was "a much-loved member of the cast".

He said: "When she leaves at the end of this storyline, she'll be much missed, and the door will be open for her return."

In a statement, programme chiefs acknowledged it was a "particularly emotive storyline" which was approached "with great care and attention", with the advice of experts.

The statement went on: "In her grief and desperation at the discovery that her much longed for baby has passed away, and finding herself in the exceptional circumstance of being alone with her neighbour's newborn son, Ronnie acted on impulse in the heat of the moment, without really knowing what she was doing, or considering the consequences or repercussions".

Well it looks like it is down to our woman on the ground Miss Wiles to see if she ends up behind bars or not! Tracy, you are now part of soap history – we salute you and your fancy pants hair lawyer ‘do’!

But that isn’t all that Tracy has been up to............

Now that is HOT STUFF!

I know what you may be thinking.....Before the 'Enders' gig poor Tracy had fallen on hard times and decided to make some of the green stuff in Soho by night.... rather than day.....Well if you do think that - YOU ARE WRONG!

In fact this is the garb that Tracy can be seen wearing in up coming flick Swinging with the Finkels.

That’s right all you voyeurs of A1 VOX, this is one savvy chick cashing in on her gorgeous frame and comedy acting skills for the big screen. We are so excited over here at Vox Towers that I may have to buy whips and rubber toys for the whole gang in support of Tracy’s character when we go and watch it at the cinema. Blooming Heck!

Swinging With The Finkels is written and directed by Jonathan Newman and is an adaptation of his own short film, 'Sex With The Finkels'.

Martin Freeman (Alvin) and Mandy Moore (Ellie) play a London couple whose relationship is fast disappearing down the gurgler, until the collapse of their friends' marriage inspires them to... well, the title should explain the rest.

Enter our own Miss Wiles as one half of a very saucy couple that Alvin and Ellie interview as potential candidates to swing with.

Tracy is absolutely hilarious and if you want to see for yourself then check out the trailer link below to get a sneak preview of Tracy the dominatrix in, A-hem, action!:

You can watch Tracy’s expertise in its entirety when the film comes out on June 17th. Go isn’t every day you get to see one of our voice team sporting an outfit that Lady GaGa would be jealous of!

Bravo Tracy, we are literally LOVING your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so to our last part of the A1 VOX lady sandwich.

Joan Walker recently recorded a comedy drama for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Once More with Feeling is being re-run on May 30th 10.45am and 7.45pm so get involved!

It is written by Kieran Prendiville and set in the no-prisoners world of northern social clubs.

Its protagonist is Les Bone, a plumber who once came within sniffing distance of the big time when his band Nuclear Dump went mega.....without him.

Les got fired the day before the band cut its first hit single. Which, like the album it came from, went platinum. Making it the most expensive sex of Les' life...being the price he paid for getting caught with the lead singer's girlfriend.

And now, twenty five years down the line, still unlucky in love, single-parent Les has been tossed a second chance. His kids have a boyband (even if one of them is a girl) and they're a boy short for an upcoming tour of south Yorkshire, one of the hardest enclaves in clubland.

Les and The Family Bone are to share a coach with a spangly jacketed blue nosed comic, a bad impressionist and a driver who can fart the 1812 overture...if anyone would let him.

Sounds hilarious? is - so tune in folks and listen to our Joan as she rips it up with her usual Northern tenacity. Blooming Marvellous!


Occasionally there are weird and wonderful things that crop up at A1 VOX that not even Charles Nove himself has the answers to..........................................

Please enter the A1 VOX rabbit that lives in the VoxBox and has conquered all to remain firmly set since the sands of time......(or at least since A1 VOX started at number 20).
Isn’t it strange how you see something every day but don’t actually register it, or stop to think, “why the dukes is there a porcelain rabbit residing in our sound studio?”

Plenty of people have passed through the booth over the years and sometimes it is as if they haven’t even seen Bunty the Bunny as they voice, pull faces and sometimes even swear over fumblings of the vocal kind. Bunty has lived and listened through it all.

As we move into our refurbishment stage I am sure other such anomalies will crop up. We will of course bring you news of such oddities through the number 1 grapevine that is, the A1 VOX blog.

Next week will be the turn of the Voxington lads. Gawd – I hope none of them have been turning out in rubber and PVC lately!!!!!??? Silent Prayer!