Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hello out there. We are back after our two week summer break. Have you missed us?

I was lucky enough to get the gorgeous Miss Ellie Howell and trustworthy Mr Jamie Nove to fill in for me whilst I sunned myself in Majorca, and sweated in 36 degree heat in a bridesmaid outfit! A big shout out to you guys for stepping in and keeping the fort ticking over.

So the wedding was going very well. Having had my hair and makeup done in an air conditioned room, the photographers arrived, armed with weapons of mass destruction and evil plans to bake us within an inch of our lives. They made us stand in the midday sun, by the pool, with a silver light reflector sheet to take away the glare of the sun. Brilliant for the photos I’m sure, absolute hell on the eyes!

Still we all came away relatively unscathed and no-one was so dazed that they took a one way ticket into the pool , (thus shattering the illusion of bridesmaid perfection). Phew!

So this blog is a case of three weddings and a transvestite!

May we send out big congratulations to Trevor Nichols and family who gained a daughter in law this week. Hurrah!

If you read the last blog you will know that Nick Chambers also said ‘I Do’ recently.

Everything went to plan, the sun shone, and I am happy to share a few pictures of Nick, Amy and Isaac with you right here, right now:

The happy day took place in idyllic Beer in Devon with Amy’s mum and dad living almost next door to the church – no excuses for turning up late eh Amy!

The inside of the church looked fabulous, with a nautical theme of fishing nets, buoys, oars and even a boat – more than a nod to the celebration of the seaside.

Here are the happy couple during the service.

As soon as the ceremony was over it was off to the beach for champers.

Just to up the ante they even had celebrities attending!!!! Here is Lenny Henry posing for a piccie.

I think you will agree that it looks like a splendid time was had by all. Congratulations guys – you look like you enjoyed every minute and may we wish you all the happiness for your future life together. One, two, three.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Now for those of you out there who are wondering where on earth our Mr Nove is, I can now divulge that he is loitering, probably with intent, in deepest darkest Oxfordshire.

If you go to BBC Radio Oxfords website you can listen to Charles every morning from 10am – 12pm as he sits in for Malcolm Boyden.

The show is a veritable feast of Oxfordshire stories and people. I happened to catch a piece of the action today and had had a big grin on my face as Charles’ guest explained that he only eats raw food. This would be Charles’ idea of pure hell as he is a bona fide carnivore through and through.

Still - ever the professional, he quipped that the guy wouldn’t be converting him any time soon but that it all sounded marvellous especially considering it had cured the chaps chronic fatigue and depression. He followed this up with a rendition of the track ‘Hungry Eyes’ by Eric Carmen.

Intentional or not it was pure genius!

We look forward to having you back soon Charles and don’t worry Leon’s is still there for a meatball massacre on your return.

So to the racy section of this week’s Blog – Introducing Joan Walker, the sexy minx!

Last week Joan became part of soap history by treading the famous cobbles of Coronation Street.

Filming took place in the beautiful Salford Masonic Hall. Joan’s scenes were with Sue Nicholls (aka Audrey Roberts) and Andrew Hall (aka Marc/Marcia).

Audrey was introduced to Marc in the Rovers Return by rival hairdresser Claudia Colby (Rula Lenska of A1 VOX fame!).

It isn’t long before Audrey finds her head turned by the silver fox. However, as is the way in soap land, secrets never stay buried for long and soon enough the women find out about Marc’s alter-ego Marcia.

In Joan’s scene Audrey is persuaded by Marc to accompany him to a benefit-cum-fund raiser for “Cross Wires” which is a charity that supports transgender folks. It is there that they meet Joan’s character (Louise) and her husband (Phil/Phyllis). Audrey is impressed by how Louise handles the whole cross dressing issue with Louise stating that her only complaint is that she thinks 'Phyliss'“...dresses too tary. She’s worth more than that”. Otherwise Louise is as happy as a fish in water, or a man in tights!

So that is a summary of the scene itself but what tom foolery did our Joan get up to whilst the cameras weren’t rolling:

WARNING – you are now entering the world of back stage Corrie as seen through Miss Walkers eyes – If you have a dicky ticker it is probably best to skip to the end of the Blog! May I also point out that some of the names have been changed to protect....the not so innocent!

So, the three of us get there from Granada studios in our chauffeur driven Merc. and trot to our Winnebago (honest!) then are called on set to be astonished by about 70 extras all of whom look absolutely pantomimically bizarre! My "husband", T, is a chick with a d***. He proudly told me he paid £6,000 for his boobs but still has his man bits. In real life he is gay and has a "husband" (his word) who's an electrician. T, makes porn for a living and earns lots of money. She likes to be called "her" and got very upset once at passport control when she was addressed as a man. I'd like to have witnessed that!

Some of the extras looked like Les Dawson in a frock with ill fitting wigs and badly applied make up. Others looked like a cross between Jordan and a burglar's dog in lipgloss

Pure Genius - Our Joan does have a way with words!

Joan goes on to say that another guy/gal was proudly showing off his news breasts (well, he revealed one) that he'd just had done. This apparently was very strange to see and not remotely sexual to witness a lump of clinically placed flesh on a chest. He was happy though.

I do have to mention the last guy/gal that Joan met who was a biker in his early 60s, who rides a Harley Davidson, and belongs to PIL - Perverts in Leather!..oh and his gal name is........Dinah Rod! Just when you think you’ve heard it all eh!

I wish I could explain in more detail the stories relayed to me by Joan but both she and I would probably get into a lot of trouble so I will end it right there.

Needless to say Joan had a hilarious day. Thoroughly high spirited and enjoyable, and her and Sue Nicholls became good friends in a short space of time (TV love - bonkers, speedy world!)

Because she was on location Joan didn't get onto the cobbles but she did see a few of the regulars kicking around the green room and said that they were all lovely and chatty - Gail, Leanne, the woman who runs the factory, Roy Cropper, and Michelle Collins. Naming no names, (due to professional etiquette), but Joan did mention that one particular cast member had "a face like a Friesian licking p*** off a thistle". I'm sorry - I really am, but it was just too good to leave out! If you want to know more then you will just have to ask Joan.

The episode goes out on July 29th. Fingers crossed that all of Joan’s material is kept in as she says it was a very funny script by Jonathan Harvey.

So that concludes our round up of love, lust and leather.

Join us next week when normal service will be resumed, though I may ask Joan for a 'quip of the week' from now on, as the lady has a serious affinity with the English language!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ey up A1 VOX bloggers!! You’re in for a right treat this week as the blog has not been written by the lovely Sarah as normal, OH NO, this is….........................

..................................WORK EXPERIENCE JACQUI here!!

I will be telling you about the life that is A1 VOX from a fresh pair of eyes!

I’m afraid A1 VOX will be stuck with me for ten whole days, so let’s hope everybody, and everything, will still be in place when I leave!

Charles set me the task of writing part of the blog from my experience to date, so here goes…

I arrived at the A1 VOX Towers on the 25th May during the process of them moving to the new office downstairs – I have been informed that the move has been taking place over many months but will be finished soon! I think it will be smashing.

The first people I was to meet were of course Charles and Sarah who are just lovely! As my first day went on I got to meet many of the in-house voices here, they are all soooo friendly and have great voices, very talented – Jealous!!! And you can’t forget Mr. Chris doing all the hard graft in studio A. His editing skills are just, well… WOW!

As the days have gone by I have heard many funny stories of the shenanigans that have happened here! You can tell it’s a great place to work and have a laugh with everybody, as well as getting some seriously top notch recordings done!

But enough of what it is like working here…

You want to know what I have been doing, except make a mark in all your hearts that will never be forgotten – I joke!  Well I’ve been covered in dust from moving things, filed papers with Sarah, listened in on studio sessions with Chris, AND he even let me do some practice editing – brilliant! Also listened in on some of the voices doing their “thang” in the good ol’ Voxbox!

Unfortunately poor Sarah was ill during the week so Charles decided to throw me in at the deep end and have me in Sarah’s position booking clients via email and… yes …answering that dreaded ringing machine, also known as “THE PHONE!”

Scary business, but after a while I think I got the hang of it and I do apologise if I scared anyone down the line, I think I was lovely and polite, or hope so anyways! 

So far there have been some great moments here, like meeting Carrie Grant when she came in to do a voice over. Her hair is still as bright red as I remember from the TV. I loved how she was doing a piece linked to the city Leeds (my hometown) and the way she pronounced “Hull” in the proper southern, correct, way as opposed to us northerners saying “’ull”!

Another highlight was receiving a lovely picture from one of the voices – Andy Stanson’s daughter, that will definitely be going on my fridge at home!

All in all it’s been a great eight days and I know I will be fully entertained by everyone in my last two. I’ll leave A1VOX laughing and smiling…and who knows if I smile sweetly enough they might even let me back?!

So thank you for putting up with me … and back to Sarah with all the in house gossip here at A1VOX…tooodles! 

Why thank you Miss Jacqui – I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about my precious Blog being hijacked but I can breathe a sigh of relief as that was a blooming delightful ditty from the gorgeous Miss Ravensdale.

I have to say that Jacqui was an absolute asset to the team during her stay, and we all loved having her around. I will put her out of her misery by declaring live on the Blog that she did indeed smile sweetly enough (and what a pair of perfect knashers they are too), and she is more than welcome back – anytime!

So from a newbie of A1 VOX to A Comedy of Errors – Mr Nick Chambers.
Hee hee – Only a reference to Nick’s upcoming performance in the Shakespearean play. He will take on the part of both Dromio’s with the Oxford Shakespeare Company from July 2nd – August 26th and will perform in The Walled Gardens of Wadham College in Oxford.

He will also be playing Algernon (affectionately known as Algy) in Oscar Wildes, The Importance of Being Ernest which will be performed, in rep, alongside The Comedy of Errors.

Blimey oh Reilly sunshine, that is a lot of Quoths, thou hasts and ‘when one is in town one amuses one selves’, to learn in a matter of weeks!

Added to this folks the young chap gets hitched this weekend to the very beautiful Amy.

You can guarantee the performance he is most nervous about is his self penned soliloquy , otherwise known as The Bridegrooms Speech!

We are sure you will smash all three performances Nick and we really hope the sun shines for you this weekend on your very special day.

May it also continue to shine on that walled garden in Oxford throughout July and August. I would give you my word that it will Nick but in the words of Dromio:

“A man may break a word with you, sir, and words are but wind, Ay, and break it in your face, so he break it not behind”.

Point Taken!

For more information, or to book tickets to see Nick’s 2 for 1 performance please go to or

I am off next week as I am jetting to sunny Majorca for a wedding – tis the season you know – so join me in a couple of weeks when another of our ladies hits a controversial part – no leather and whips this time but it does involve Joan Walker and a cross dressing silver fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never a dull moment I tell ye!

We would just like to end by wishing Nick all the best for his big day – and I will leave you with a quote from Oscar Wildes’ Importance of being Ernest:

"I have always been of opinion that a man who desires to get married should know either everything or nothing."

Knock em dead Nicko!